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State Representative Andrew Brenner (R-Powell) is serving his third term in the Ohio House of Representatives, and is running for his 4th 2-year term this November 8th. Andy was first elected to the Ohio House in 2010. State Representatives are term limited in Ohio after eight years or four terms.

Andy_walking_in_Kilbourne_parade.jpgSpeaker of the Ohio House, Cliff Rosenberger, appointed Rep. Brenner was promoted from vice chairman to chairman of the House Education Committee for the 131st General Assembly in November 2015. Rep. Brenner also serves on Rules & Reference Committee and formerly served on the Financial Institutions / Housing / Urban Development. Andrew also serves on the Straight A Fund Board and as an ex-officio on the State School Board and Board of Regents. He also serves on the Education Management Information Systems (EMIS) oversight committee the Joint Education Oversight Committee and he was recently appointed to the Community Schools Dropout Recovery Study Committee

Rep. Brenner has had many bills become law since he entered the Ohio House in 2011, and that number is among the highest of his colleagues. But none of these are easy bills -- they're all legislation that included numerous interested party meetings, conversations with public and private entities, and putting together coalitions to support these important pieces of legislation.


Legislative Accomplishments

Due to his legislative accomplishments as a State Representative, The Washington Post and Sunshine Foundation identified Rep. Brenner as the most effective conservative in the Ohio House and one of the most effective representatives overall. Learn more about all of the legislation Rep. Brenner has introduced by clicking here.

As State Representative, Rep. Brenner received the 2011 “Defender of Liberty” award from the American Conservative Union and the 2012 Watchdog of the Treasury Award. He also received the Friend of Agriculture Award in 2012 and 2014.

Governor Kasich signed Rep. Brenner’s House Bill (HB) 96 in to law in December 2011! This act helps children with dyslexia learn to read.

Governor Kasich signed Rep. Brenner’s HB 322 in to law in May 2012! This act helps bring high-paying jobs in the banking sector back to Ohio. In fact, Huntington Bank announced on October 24 that it is bringing 250 jobs back to Ohio due to HB 322.

Governor Kasich signed Rep. Brenner’s HB 72 in to law in October 2013! This act modernized county recorder’s offices, and also fixed and updated sections of the tax code.

Governor Kasich signed Rep. Brenner’s HB 97 in to law in October 2013! This act makes October dyslexia awareness month.

Governor Kasich signed Rep. Brenner's HB 342 in to law in March 2014! This act allows education service centers to be lead sponsors in applications for moneys from the Straight A Fund.

Governor Kasich signed Rep. Brenner's HB 487 in to law in June 2014! This bill fixes many of the concerns regarding the Common Core State Standards, and was the mid-biennial budget review bill for education.

Governor Kasich signed Rep. Brenner's HB 70 into law in June 2015! This bill creates a community learning center model as well as revised the Academic Distress Commission.

Andrew helped place a Bed Tax into the state budget bill (HB 64). Those funds will be used to save the Delaware County Fair. The levy for the tax passed overwhelmingly in spring 2016. Funds will be used for infrastructure improvements for the county fairgrounds which includes handicapped accessible toilets, replacing 70 year old utilities and much needed repairs for barns and buildings.

House Bill 277 was signed into law in June 2016! This bill prevents double taxation of 911 districts.

House Bill 361 was put as an amendment into House Bill 413 which was also signed into law in June 2016. This will allow townships to be able to use park district funds for community events.


Rep. Brenner introduced legislation to:

Andy_presenting_accommodation_to_Blue_Jackets.jpg*cut the number of hours of end-course exams by half (HB 228 in the 130th General Assembly (GA), passed the Ohio House and HB 74 in the 131st GA.)

*give grants to schools that consolidate their transportation departments in to regional operations (HB 293)

*offer an option for a school choice license plate (HB 294)

*protect student data (HB 181, passed the Ohio House)

*provide local school district’s flexibility in selecting end course exams (HB 193, passed the Ohio House)

*allow education tax credit scholarships (HB 158) - provide a tax credit for businesses that donate to nonprofit educational scholarship organizations that give scholarships to lower-income students attending nonpublic schools

*provide flexibility to county transit authorities (HB 239)

*designate school choice week 2013 (HCR 3) – entered in to the Ohio House journal

*eliminate the excise tax on medical devices (HCR 6) – passed the Ohio House

*call on Congress and the President to investigate the NSA and make sure they are following the Constitution (HCR 31) – passed out of the Policy and Legislative Oversight Committee

*search for other legislation supported or introduced here


Rep. Brenner has voted or pledged to vote to:

*eliminate the death tax (Accomplished in the 129th General Assembly!)

*balance Ohio’s budget without raising taxes

*lower our taxes

*bring jobs to Ohio

*help make Ohio energy independent

*help businesses thrive

*protect the life of the unborn (including supporting the “heartbeat bill”)

*protect the 2nd amendment

*allow people to choose whether to join a union


He is also a member of the Aviation Caucus, Small Business Caucus, Ohio Cancer Caucus, Lake Erie Caucus and Conservative Caucus and Veterans Caucus. In addition, Rep. Brenner has served on an ad hoc Technology Study Committee (129th AG) and was appointed member of the Straight A Fund board in the 130th GA. Andrew was appointed as an ex-officio to the State School Board and Board of Regents in November 2015. In May of 2016 he was appointed to the Community Schools Dropout Recovery Study Committee.

HB 228 up for a vote on the House floor today

Today at 1pm, the Ohio House will go in to session to consider a number of bills, including Rep. Brenner's HB 228.

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Lock in your $50 tax credit for 2014

The election is over, and thanks to the support from so many of you, I received 68% of the vote. My opponent was drawing volunteers from all over the state of Ohio to come and support him, but you helped share my record, our values and your belief in what we can do in the future.

Right now in the Ohio House, we're back in full swing. I'm working on HB 228 with Rep. Anne Gonzales, a bill that would cut down on the hours of testing that children have to undergo each year in school. Under PARCC, children have 27-32 hours in end course in exams. Under HB 228, we would reduce it to 4 hours per subject (not 4 hours only, as the media has frequently mis-reported it to be).

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It's time to vote! Polls are open 6:30am - 7:30pm ET. If you need information on voting within Delaware County, where the district I represent is located, please contact the Delaware County Board of Elections by calling 740.833.2080. You may also visit their website at http://www.co.delaware.oh.us/boe/ including finding your polling place at http://voterfind.com/delawareoh/pollfinder.aspx

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Volunteer! Early voting starts Sept. 30

It's hard to believe it, but early voting starts on September 30! I need your help to get out the vote between now and then, and through November 4.

Please sign up to volunteer here, and when we have opportunities for you to lend a hand (stuffing envelopes, going door to door, sharing posts, writing letters to the editor, etc.) we will make sure you're one of the first to know. In some cases, we may only contact those who have volunteered to help.

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#NeverForget - Patriot Week legislation and remembering 9-11

As we are now 13 years removed from the horrible tragedies of September 11, 2001, we are closing in on soon being a generation away from those events. But what happened on 9-11 is something that our future generations cannot be allowed to forget. It simply is not acceptable.

As a legislator, one of the things I can do to help is to make sure that we never forget about Patriot Day (September 11) in Ohio.

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Dyslexia awareness and why it matters

In June of 2013, I told you about HB 97 to make October Dyslexia Awareness Month in Ohio. The act was signed in to law by the governor and effective January 30, 2014. See which representatives and senators signed on to HB 97 by clicking here.

Dyslexia is a brain-based learning disability that impairs a person’s ability to read. Common characteristics of a person with dyslexia include difficulty with phonological processing (the manipulation of sounds), spelling, and rapid visual-verbal responding.

- National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

dyslexia is real

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Ohio HB 487: Education reform bill with major provisions chart

Ohio HB 487 was signed in to law by Gov. Kasich in June, and included wide-reaching reforms in education. As vice-chair of the education committee, Rep. Brenner carried this bill. While the bill did not include all of the reforms Rep. Brenner preferred, there were many advancements made.

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