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I am pro-life, and have been a co-sponsor on the "heartbeat bill" in both the 129th and 130th General Assemblies.

Common Core

I believe in local control and high state standards. While the state of Ohio adopted Common Core, local school districts may choose whether to adopt it. To deal with the concerns surrounding data collection, testing and many other issues, I introduced several bills in 2014, including HB 487 which is now law. I have also explained why I did not support HB 237, or the discharge petition for that bill. I am awaiting the completion of the hearings on HB 597 before making a final determination on that bill. I will continue to promote HB 181 and 193, and the many resolutions, compromises and fixes found in HB 487.

Education Funding

Ohio's funding of education is a redistribution of wealth scheme. Money is taken from the wealthier areas of Ohio, such as the district I represent, and is sent to other parts of the state that need more money. In addition, school districts with declining student enrollment are still receiving the same amount of money while those districts that are growing are not seeing any increase in money from the state. I introduced HB 228 to rectify this, and plan to re-introduce this in the next General Assembly with continued work toward rectifying the state's education funding issues.

Gun Rights

The second amendment is quite clear:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The people are that militia, and together, we keep this nation free. The second amendment is not in place to provide us with guns for hunting and sport, although those are side benefits. Rather, this amendment foresaw the possibility of a tyrannical state -- one that would take away the freedoms of its people, as England attempted to do with the colonies centuries ago.

Guns don't fire themselves; a person has to pull the trigger. When addressing gun violence, we must start with the mental and health care for those who are deranged, and consider that "gun free zones" are frequently where gun violence is the worst. We have to use common sense, and also abide by the Constitution of the United States of America. That is a fine balancing act, but I believe in leaning toward the side of freedom.

Jobs, Economic Growth & Tax Policy

Since Governor Kasich took office and the Republicans claimed the majority in Ohio House, Ohio has gained approximately 250,000 jobs after losing nearly 400,000 during Gov. Strickland's term in office. Government does not create jobs; however, we can create the environment that encourages job creation, and that is what we are doing in the Ohio House. I fully support cutting taxes and regulation, and allowing small businesses the freedom they need to grow and prosper without additional burdens from the government. A growing business hires more people, and a rising tide lifts all boats.

School Choice

Competition works among colleges and universities, and even private schools, so why don't we implement it in the public education system? In general, when a failing school district does not have any competition, they have little reason to improve. I believe the money should follow each individual student. This also allows a student with a gift or a challenge to select the school that is best for him or her. That is true local control -- when a parent can choose his or her child's school that will be the best fit, offering the best opportunities possible. School choice has been proven to work in Cleveland and other areas where children were trying to leave the failing schools to have a real opportunity to earn a solid education. We can reform our current education system if we think outside the box.

Transportation and Infrastructure

I support bringing the tax dollars paid by the residents of the district I represent back to this district. It's our money, why wouldn't we want it back? I am currently working with the Little Brown Jug to help save the race, as the Jug's existence in Delaware County is threatened. I will be introducing a bill to make funds available for agriculture societies to apply for grants to improve infrastructure such as barns, restrooms, permanent structures, racing tracks and other facilities. In addition, in the last capital budget I helped obtain funds for the Columbus Zoo, trails and bike path connections, The Strand Theatre, the Veterans Plaza in Delaware and The Arts Castle. Also, I have worked with the Ohio Department of Transportation on several projects in the county to improve roads and traffic flow. All of this helps bring back home the tax money we pay that is so often redistributed to other parts of the state, and supports our local businesses, non-profits, families and jobs. Furthermore, I supported the bonding of the turnpike, opening up hundreds of millions of dollars a year for road and bridge projects throughout the state, including in Delaware County.

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