I have a primary challenger

Today was the filing deadline, and I have learned that I have a primary challenger. One person filed against me. The primary election is in March, which means that I have to start campaigning -- tomorrow.

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Brenner for Ohio to 8824 Clearview Lake Court, Powell, OH 43065.

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It has been my privilege to serve as your State Representative during the 131st General Assembly and I thank you for that honor. Here's a brief update to let you know what I've been busy doing for you:

  • I was recently appointed to be Chairman of the Ohio House Education Committee, and we are continuing our reform agenda to better fund our schools and provide our children with a truly excellent education.
  • Since earlier this year, I have championed legislation that will ease the burden levied on our teachers and students, especially regarding state assessments. I successfully led the fight to rid this state of PARCC tests, the exam usually connected with common core.
  • I am pioneering truancy law reform to ensure no child is unfairly affected by outdated zero tolerance policies. Students who miss school due to circumstances beyond their control are often unfairly penalized. Reforming truancy in zero tolerance policy will ensure these students do not fall behind their peers.
  • In addition to the nine bills I sponsored in this general assembly, I have also co-sponsored 83 other pieces of legislation. Some notable issues I have supported includes legislation that is pro-life (HB 69, 117, 294), protecting the second amendment (HB 48, 147, 152), fighting against Obamacare (HB 34, 157); expanding the duties of nurse practitioners (HB 96, 216), streamlining and simplifying the Ohio tax code (HB 26, 32, 91, 166,), and reforming Ohio’s charter schools (HB 2).
  • In this term, I have had three bills pass through the Ohio House and two signed into law. I have been a leader on education reform issues, and have brought my private sector experience to the Ohio House with common sense approaches to legislation. I continue to be a staunch fiscal conservative and I openly oppose the expansion and overwhelming reach of government.

IMG_0311.JPGThose of you who have had questions also know that I readily hand out my cell phone number (740-602-5033), and return phone calls or meet with as many people as I can -- even those with whom I disagree. I am accessible to the voters, knowledgeable on the issues, and I listen to the people whom I have the pleasure of representing.

It is a blessing to serve you, and I ask for your support in this upcoming primary. I need your financial support - CLICK HERE TO DONATE. If you prefer, you may mail a check payable to Brenner for Ohio to 8824 Clearview Lake Court, Powell, OH 43065. Don't forget your $50 per person tax credit if you get your check in by the end of 2015!

Thank you in advance for your support, and I will fight to ensure that I can continue to represent your views in the Ohio House of Representatives.


Andrew Brenner
State Representative
740.602.5033 personal cell phone

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